Starter Coin Collection


Hold history in your hands with this unique starter coin collection. Perfect for anyone from grandchildren to grandparents!

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From grandchildren to grandparents, give a thoughtful gift with this starter coin collection. Learn about the past while connecting with your loved ones. Unlike other options, the starter coin collection lets you hold history in your hands and spark interest a lifelong hobby.

This starter coin collection includes the following coins in good condition:

  • Indian Head Penny
  • Lincoln Wheat Penny
  • Jefferson ‘War’ Nickel*
  • Buffalo Nickel
  • Liberty ‘V’ Nickel
  • Mercury Dime*
  • Roosevelt Dime*
  • Standing Liberty Quarter
  • Kennedy Half Dollar
  • Eisenhower Dollar
  • Susan B. Anthony Dollar
  • Also included is a 300% magnifier, informational brochure with fun facts on each coin and a black loot bag for your new coin collection. 


*These coins contain genuine silver!