It’s important to keep your coins safe, both from theft and from the elements. Here’s a few ways to keep you coin collection safe for years to come.

Keep your coin collection safe!

Safe – Protect your Coin Collection

A home safe is a great way to store your coins. Not only does it protect from would-be intruders, but it offers protection from the elements and potential fires. Make sure to use a silica gel packet to keep the moisture under control and replace the packet regularly.

Safe Deposit Box

This is one of the safest places to store your expensive/valuable coins. There is a monthly or yearly fee associated with this, but it is usually quite affordable.

Hidden Spots

There are a wide variety of decoy locations you can hide your coins. A hollowed out book, a false bottom can, hidden in a home decoration. Be creative! This is particularly helpful if you’re storing gold or silver coins purchased strictly for metal value.

Coin Storage Devices

The dresser drawer could cause major damage to your valuable coins. Purchase a coin album, coin box, or protective flips to help protect your collection from the elements.