In the market for buying coins?

So… you love coins but don’t know where to buy them? Hopefully this section will help. There are many great ways to grow your coin collection.

Local Coin Store

Local coin stores are a great place to shop, but you have to make sure nobody is taking advantage of you. Finding a good coin dealer can be an extremely difficult task, but they are out there, you just have to diligent.

Ordering Coins Online

One disadvantage of purchasing coins online is that you can’t hold the coin in your hands before you purchase it. Make sure you read the fine print carefully and know what you are purchasing.

Where should I buy coins for my collection?

Buying Coins on Ebay

There are an overwhelming amount of scams on eBay, so please be careful when purchasing. That being said, there are some great deals to be had. Keep an eye out for these:

  • Auctions that are very close to ending
  • World coin lots
  • Search PGCS instead of PCGS  or NCG instead of NGC (people make typos!)
  • Look for small lots of coins with a few gems mixed in
  • Proof and Mint set lots are often a great deal as demand has been low in recent years

Coin Auctions

Many local auction houses regularly feature coin auctions. Search for auction houses in your area and request to be placed on their email list for upcoming auctions. Many reputable auctioneers even post their upcoming lots on social media. Be advised that often times auction goers pay WAY too much for coins, so set a price limit in your mind and be disciplined.

Family, Friends, Colleagues

Let people know that you collect coins. Many of my coin collection purchases have come through referrals from friends and coworkers. Give them a fair market price, or have them take it to a dealer, and then pay them more. Either way, it’s win win.


The US Mint is a great place to find coins, and since most dealers pay the same price that the general public does, you can even save a few dollars!

Starter Coin Collection

A perfect gift for anyone from grandkids to grandparents, our own Starter Coin Collection lets you hold history in your hands. A unique gift for anyone!


You can look under the links section of this site for some of quality online stores.