Best Coin Collecting Books!

Here are some essential books to get started in coin collecting.

The Official RED BOOK

This is a great place for a beginning collector to start researching coin values.

Making the Grade

Awesome full color pictures of professionally graded coins so you can compare your own. A TOP PICK!


Pictures and grades of US coins. A great way to start understanding the complex world of grading coins.

The Official ANA Grading Standards

A detailed look at coin grading from the industry leader in grading standards.

Ancient Coin Collecting

Learn about coins that are thousands of years old and surprisingly affordable.

Detecting Counterfeit Coins

The secrets and common pitfalls of counterfeit coins. This books gives you what you need to know when trying to spot these fakes.

Coin Collecting For Dummies

An excellent and easy to read book. Tons of information covering coin collecting basics.


World Coins 1901-2000

The BEST book for identifying and looking up value on world coins!