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Is leaving my coin collection to my family a wise decision?

If you have a collector in the family that understands what you have, then yes... it's a wonderful give to give. If your family knows nothing at all about coins... I would advise that you take the time and sell your collection. Don't let all your hard investing work go to waste at the hands of an unscrupulous coin dealer.

Why do you have a Coin Cleaning section? Isn't that a no no?

As a general rule, yes, it is. But... most dealers and many collectors will restore / recondition / clean up a coin. This section is to understand about coin cleaning.

I've just inherited a decent sized coin collection, is eBay a good way to sell it?

Without a doubt, if you know what you are doing, eBay is a decent way to sell the collection. The problem is, if you aren't sure about what you have, you could let a $2,000 coin sell for much less by not properly describing / promoting the coin. If you don't want to take the time to learn about coins and collecting coins (and it does take a lot of time), I strongly advise that you seek professional assistance to get the most money you can for your collection.


I'm not as interested in coin collecting as I used to be, should I sell?

Give it some time... I have no doubt that your love for those round metallic gems will be rekindled in time, and you'll be so happy you held on to your collection!

Do you think rare coins are actually a wise investment?

I would answer ABSOLUTELY yes, but if you don't believe me, here's an experiment you can do. Buy a couple older Red Books (price guides) on ebay and make sure to have a brand new Red Book. Then take any coin from my Key-Dates» link, and look at what has happened to the value over the years. Compare this change with your stock portfolio... Enough said.






“When its a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.” -Voltaire