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Key Dates Coins: The Good Stuff!

This is a list of the 'Key Date' coins. These are the low mintage rare coins in the most popular coin series, and thus increase in value at a faster growth rate than other coins. Basically, this would a perfect list of great coins to invest in for long term substantial growth.

Key Date Coins

Flying Eagle Cent

Indian Cent

Lincoln Cent

Two Cent Piece

Three Cent (Silver)

Three Cent (Nickel)

Shield Nickel

Liberty Nickel (V Nickel)

Buffalo Nickel

Jefferson Nickel

Barber Dime

Mercury Dime

Roosevelt Dime

Barber Quarter

Standing Liberty Quarter

Washington Quarter

Barber Half Dollar

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Franklin Half Dollar

Kennedy Half Dollar

Morgan Dollar

Peace Dollar

Susan B. Anthony Dollar