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Buying Coins?

So... you love coins but don't know where to buy them? Hopefully this section will help. Many of these options contain a warning, but don't let that scare you away from aggressively building your coin collection.

Local Coin Store

Local coin stores are a great place to shop, but you have to make sure nobody is taking advantage of you. Finding a good coin dealer can be an extremely difficult task, but they ARE out there... you just have to search.

Ordering Coins Online

One disadvantage of purchasing coins online is that you can't hold the coin before you purchase it. Be very aware of the seller's return policy. There are some reputable people out there, but it's going to take some work and research to find them. If something doesn't seem right... trust your gut.

Buying Coins on Ebay

There are a LOT of scams on eBay, so please be careful when purchasing. That being said, there are some deals to be had. Keep an eye out for these:

Coin Auctions

Many local auction houses regularly feature coin auctions. Take a look through the phone book and try to get on local mailing lists for auctions. I have found that some auctioneers don't really care about sending 'mailers', but it's worth a shot. Be advised that often times auction goers pay WAY too much for coins. I have tried to explain to them that they can go to the store and buy coin X for 25% cheaper, but they don't care. It takes all types, right?

Family, Friends, Co-workers

Let people know that you collect coins. Many of my coin collection purchases have come through referrals like this. Give them a fair market price, or have them take it to a dealer, and then pay them more. Either way, it's win win.


The US Mint is a great place to find coins, and since most dealers pay the same price that the general public does, you can even save a few dollars!


You can look under the links» section of this site for some of quality online stores.