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Coin Collecting is for Everyone!

Dakota Coin is for people with a passion for coin collecting. Collecting coins is a rewarding hobby, so feed that curiosity and learn more about that change in your pocket!

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there for the brand new collector, but this site breaks down the essentials and provides reliable resources and useful information for coin collecting.


About Us:

Dakota Coin has been operating in midwest America buying and selling coin collections for over two decades. Dakota Coin is dedicated to sharing the love of coin collecting, inspiring and educating brand new collectors, and rejuvinating seasoned collectors. Wether it be precious metals, mint sents, proof sets, coin collecting knowledge, or info on how not to get scammed, Dakota Coin has the information you need for free!

It is extremely frustrating when trying to research coins online, because it is difficult to find resources that are simple and easy to use. Most coin sites have hundreds of messy pages filled with useless garbage. Dakota Coin is clean, simple, easy to use and smart-phone friendly.

If you have any suggestions for the site, want to sign up for our mailing list, or have any coin or coin collecting questions... please Contact Dakota Coin»